As of May 2022, Bath and North East Somerset Council has decided to pursue development of the Tufa Field for a sheltered housing scheme.

This scheme intends to preserve the main tufa flush but will destroy the two outliers.

At September 2022, the chosen scheme creates  nine bungalows and seven apartments, with  car parking, dual carriage service road and a low bridge built across the north end of the tufa stream.

Arcadis have presented a scheme prior to planning permission application that is described here, although lacking much meaningful detail.

In order to explore the feasibility of this approach, £320k has been requested to carry out investigations. Initial estimates for costs for the complete scheme are £6M. This however can only be regarded as an unlikely estimate, being based on standard development costs for greenfield sites and does not account for either the complex groundwork conditions, nor the costs associated with avoiding collateral damage to the sensitive site.

The report for Cabinet is here. Development Update Land to rear of 89 123 Englishcombe Lane Southdown Bath