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Pictures and Videos from in and around the Tufa Field

COP 28 and the Tufa Field

While the machinations of our leaders at COP 28 might seem remote, all our efforts are needed at all levels to save ourselves and our children’s children.

Tufa in Dalby Forest

This is an extract from the Channel 5 program “Secret Life of the Forest” broadcast on 8th March 2023. The parallels with our Tufa Field are striking and illustrate both the uniqueness and the potential for the field as a … Continue Reading →

The Tufa Field, Christmas 2022

This year’s collection of Tufa Field pictures and video, for Christmas

Wildflowers at the Tufa Field

A collection of wild flower pictures from the Tufa Field. The full list of noted species is here.  

Bird time

The Tufa Field continues to be an important food resource for our birds. This buzzard is a regular visitor. And for our smaller birds, a tasty caterpillar is always welcome. – A reminder that all things in the natural world… Continue Reading →

Pond Life

Garden ponds and water form an important link in the Tufa Field. Amphibians in particular need wet grass to move around. It’s perhaps not so well known that many amphibians spend more time out of the water than in, usually… Continue Reading →

Images from the Tufafield

Two fox cubs and a deer celebrating the joys of spring!  

The Tufa Field in February

Left alone, the field ecology develops at its own pace and in its own way. Last year was a year of recovery after the brush-cutting, which left a lot of debris and damaged plants. The long grass grew up, creating… Continue Reading →

A Christmas Message From The Tufa Field, 2021

Sticky Post

This year’s Christmas Message from the Tufa Field Winter Excerpts from Winter Song by the late great, Alan Hull.

Beasts, Butterflies and Bees

August is peak Butterfly time at the Tufa Field. Nectar from the Nettle patch provides food, cover and egg-laying sites. There are also many bees, including Honey Bees, but just as important, Carder, Mining, Red- and White-tails. Amphibians are also… Continue Reading →

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