BANES Council expenditure is at best obscure, some would say obfuscated. There is no easy way of finding out how our money is spent and whether it represents value or even necessity.

Public money spent on our behalf should be open to the highest scrutiny, especially when a Council has so little official opposition.

HM Government requires all local authorities to publish records of expenditure in excess of £500, but does not mandate what form this should be. BANES chooses to make this information available quarterly as a csv file, requiring some work to reveal the information in an accessible form. These are very large so can take a long time to load, but are here

This does not include pending expenditure, so it comes as something of a relief to find that public tender records are available, not through the Council, but through central government records. These take some untangling but we are able to see  some of the money spent and about to be spent in our name, where it goes and who benefits.

While the data is taken verbatim from original sources, (UK Government Contracts and commercial aggregating sites, some of the data appears unfeasible, especially some astronomical contract values so should be treated with caution.


UK Government source information for contracts  for the last few years. The table is searchable.    

Bath and NorthEast Somerset Council contracts


Proactis public contracts information sources (Also shows pending tenders)

BANES Contracts to March 2024