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The Destruction begins.

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Today,  7th August 2023 saw the start of the destruction of the Tufa Field. Contractors engaged by Bath and North East Somerset Council once again used high power brush cutters and  industrial mowers to cut down the nettle beds, despite… Continue Reading →

BANES confirms plans to develop the Tufa Field

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At a  meeting with residents  on the 2nd March 2023 the Liberal Democrat led Bath and North-East Somerset Council confirmed its plans to develop the Tufa Field as a sheltered housing site. Contracts have been let for the development phase,… Continue Reading →

Bath and North East Somerset Council Announcement

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Here is the announcement by Kevin Guy, the new Council leader, that the Tufa Field will not be lost to developers. A massive thank you to everyone who has supported us, every one of your voices counted. The biggest thanks… Continue Reading →

Biodiversity Net Gain

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One tool made available to developers to overcome objections to developments on the grounds of loss of habitat is the concept of ‘Biodiversity Net Gain’. This is a mechanism that allows developers to substitute habitats, i.e swap one piece of… Continue Reading →

Stories from the Tufa Field No.6: In the Night Garden

It is slightly unfortunate for us as viewers that some of the best activity in  the Tufa Field is at night. But for the natural world, night time often equates to safe time – predators have more difficulty finding food,… Continue Reading →

Stories from the Tufa Field. No 5: Deer

Deer are a Marmite choice for many people. Left alone in gardens, they can devastate young plants, especially tulips and daffodils in the spring, and kill young tree saplings by eating their bark. But the counter argument is that Deer… Continue Reading →

Garden birds in Autumn

September is a strange month for birds that visit our gardens and the Tufa Field . Blackbirds, Robins, Sparrows, Dunnock and so on are amongst the common small birds that moult their flight feathers now. This means that their flying… Continue Reading →

Tufa Field Diary – Week 4/9/2023

Monday 4th Sep 2023: Drilling continues in the field on a hot day. Sadly, not all of our animals survived the process. We don’t know why this Fawn died, perhaps it was too scared to move, perhaps it died of… Continue Reading →

Stories from the Tufa Field. No.4: Water

Without water, there would be no Tufa. Water, it’s sources, chemistry and geology is the key element to this unique and special site. In particular, the chemistry of the water, containing dissolved oolitic limestone, and the geology of the field… Continue Reading →

Stories from the Tufa Field No.3: Bats

The Tufa Field has been host to Bats since anyone can remember. The tree-lined lane and field boundaries provide summer roosting locations and the field pasture provides feeding grounds. Various Bat surveys over the years have identified, pipistrelle, lesser and… Continue Reading →

Tufa Field Diary : Week 28/08/23

Following the Bank Holiday Weekend and the hiatus in the aftermath of the accident, work has recommenced. Tuesday 29th August 2023: Hole-boring has started in the middle of the field. Rubber trackway has been brought in, presumably to mitigate damage… Continue Reading →

Stories from the Tufa Field No. 2 : The Red Fox

The foxes we see at the Tufa Field ( and in our streets and gardens) are Red Foxes, Vulves Vulves. These are extremely common across the whole of the northern hemisphere, being a top predator and highly adaptable to changing… Continue Reading →

Tufa Field Diary: Week 21/08/23

Following the recent accident, there was a report on the Bath LIve website, which then spawned a further news piece and wider comment. This week, commencing the 21st August should see the restart of the work following removal of the… Continue Reading →

Accident at the Tufa Field

Today, 10th August 2023 there was an unfortunate incident at the Tufa Field. While unloading temporary trackway at the entrance to the lane, the telehoist lifting trackway sections overturned with the driver inside.   The 30 year old driver from… Continue Reading →

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