In a new year, we once again anticipate that this will be the final winter for the Tufa Field. With notional planning applications shortly, the schedule is to start construction work in the Spring of 2024.

The hydrogeological survey work continues, during a wet start to Winter. Rainfall has been a little above average, with some intense periods giving rise to local flooding and high river levels.

Following a considerable dry spell of the past two years in which the hill streams dried or slowed considerably, ground water levels are back to normal and all 3 streams are now flowing again.

This is the Eastern stream entering the field this week, hidden by brambles but flowing as fast as ever..

Obviously this quantity of water is making a significant contribution to the surface water of the field, but also at deeper layers, reinforcing springs that exit lower down the hill in the Moorfields park.

At only the half-way point of the winter, previous experience suggests that once running at these levels, the streams will continue at least for the rest of this year, unless there is an exceptional dry period over the summer.