August is peak Butterfly time at the Tufa Field. Nectar from the Nettle patch provides food, cover and egg-laying sites. There are also many bees, including Honey Bees, but just as important, Carder, Mining, Red- and White-tails. Amphibians are also abundant in the Tufa Field. The long grass and streams provide cool habitats for toads, newts and migrating frogs.

This Palmate Newt is a bit more unusual than the common  Smooth Newts, but no less welcome.



Picture of two gatekeeper butterflies

Gatekeeper Butterflies, Male and Female

Picture of Large white Butterfly

Large White

Picture of Cinnabar Butterfly


Picture of Clouded Silver Moth

Clouded Silver



Picture of red-tailed bee

Red tailed Bumble Bee

Picture of White-tailed Bumble Bee

White-tailed Bumble Bee

Picture of Honey Bee on Marjoram

Honey Bee