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Pictures and Videos from in and around the Tufa Field

Raptor at the Tufa Field

The long grasses and summer plants in the Tufa Field are providing ideal raptor hunting conditions. Field voles, shrews and field mice are plentiful. Some stunning images of our latest visitor, the common buzzard, Buteo Buteo.   The video is… Continue Reading →

National Dawn Chorus Day

Something from the Tufa Field for #nationaldawnchorusday. You can listen to our live camera feed every day.

Images from the Tufa Field – 22/04/21

  Today we added another bird to our roster, the green wood pecker, Picus Viridis. This bird needs woodland with open field to hunt, so the Tufa Field is ideal for it. Listen out first thing in the morning from… Continue Reading →

Images from the Tufa Field- 28/03/21

Spring in the Tufa Field

As spring starts, the Tufa Field is coming to life as well. Here you can view and listen to the beginnings of the Dawn Chorus. This will swell in intensity over the next two months reaching a climax in late… Continue Reading →

Frog Bonking Week!

With the sudden increase in temperature, look out for frogs spawning in still water. This also heralds the start of the migration of amphibians from the Tufa Field as they end their hibernation and seek out water to breed in. … Continue Reading →

Images from the Tufa Field 13-02-2021


Images from the Tufa Field -30/01/2021

Here some remarkable timelapse footage of two fallow deer. Check out the Gallery for some stills. The winter rains continue to feed the Tufa Field Streams. Here is the main stream where it enters the field from Stirtingale Farm. and… Continue Reading →

Tufa Field – Streams

Just a reminder of what it is we are losing here if the Tufa Field site is developed. And some problems for the developers!. (Warning – this is a large (128MB) file so will take a while to download).  

Big Garden Birdwatch and #winterwatch

The Big Garden Birdwatch is coming on the weekend of the 29th January. Documenting our wild bird species numbers is a vital part of monitoring our ecological health. When places like the Tufa Field disappear, the knock-on effects to wildlife… Continue Reading →

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