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Slow Worm Watch

Following the slaughter of the Tufa Field Slow Worms by the Council’s contractor last year, we are anxiously awaiting to see if any survived in the field. We at least know that some survived in adjacent gardens, here is a… Continue Reading →

Flooding and the Tufa Field

Surface water flooding is a constant feature  in the Tufa Field. Rainwater runoff from the hill above and the permeable nature of the underlying geology, means that frequently and unpredictably, springs form. Some of these are the permanent springs that… Continue Reading →

‘High Risk’ Bath Identified in new National Trust Climate Change Map

A shocking new National Trust Map released today shows the continuing threat posed by climate change. The Bath area is picked out as particularly susceptible to Slope Collapse and Soil Heave due to excess rainfall and flash flooding.  The Tufa… Continue Reading →

Radio Bristol Q&A with Dine Romero

David has been putting questions to the Council Leader, Dine Romero, on Radio Bristol’s John Darvall Show today, 3rd March. Listen here. With a hole this big, it’s probably a good idea to stop digging….

Politics – BATHNES Council

A report on progress made by Bath & North East Somerset Council to tackle the climate and ecological emergencies was presented to the council on January 21. “The climate and ecological emergency progress report asks members to note the wide-ranging… Continue Reading →

Storm Bella and Moorlands Schools

Storm Bella brought a significant amount of rain to the Tufa Field and surrounds at a time when the ground is already saturated.

Biodiversity Net Gain

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One tool made available to developers to overcome objections to developments on the grounds of loss of habitat is the concept of ‘Biodiversity Net Gain’. This is a mechanism that allows developers to substitute habitats, i.e swap one piece of… Continue Reading →

Bob Goodman

@bobcombedown Bob Goodman’s  support for the Tufa Field Campaign has been vociferous, passionate and welcomed. The response of Avon Wildlife Trust, who we might expect to be at the forefront of Ecological Emergency actions,  is disappointing and bewildering. The loss… Continue Reading →

Slow Worm Investigation at the Tufa Field

So another embarassing event for BathNES Council. The Council has concluded its ‘investigation’ and decided that ‘no slow worms were harmed during the clearance of the Tufa Field’. We are left to conclude that this was in fact an act… Continue Reading →

BBC Radio4 – Translocation

Translocation is a live subject at the moment. Listen to this piece from the BBC R4 Today programme about HS2 and translocation. The idea that people can somehow re-create habitats that nature has spent years building, veers between arrogance and… Continue Reading →

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