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The Tufa Field, Christmas 2022

This year’s collection of Tufa Field pictures and video, for Christmas

Hey, Jude

Meet Jude.   It is August 2022. Jude is 8 weeks old. Already, he has witnessed the hottest day ever in the UK. A summer of extreme drought followed in the UK with hosepipe bans and warnings of a dry… Continue Reading →

Summer in the Tufa Field

High summer is the time when plants and insects dominate the Tufa Field. Around the main Tufa flush, sedges and rushes dominate, with grasses adapted for damp conditions also flourishing. The wide expanses of undisturbed nettle beds  create ideal butterfly… Continue Reading →

Pond Life

Garden ponds and water form an important link in the Tufa Field. Amphibians in particular need wet grass to move around. It’s perhaps not so well known that many amphibians spend more time out of the water than in, usually… Continue Reading →

Dawn Chorus

Just a reminder that now is optimum dawn chorus time. You can watch and listen on our live camera, or if you can’t wake up that early, listen to our recording from last year. Or just close your eyes, relax… Continue Reading →

Images from the Tufafield

Two fox cubs and a deer celebrating the joys of spring!  

New domain name

Just updated the website to The .com designation should solve some isps that block ddns sites.

A Christmas Message From The Tufa Field, 2021

Sticky Post

This year’s Christmas Message from the Tufa Field Winter Excerpts from Winter Song by the late great, Alan Hull.

Owls, Voles and Ants at the Tufa Field

The Eastern end of the Tufa Field contains one of the last patches of Rough Pasture in Bath. This special habitat contains long grasses and sedges that becomes host to many small mammals and insects. Rough Pasture is increasingly rare,… Continue Reading →

Urban Greenways

The plight of the Tufa Field, its  uncertain future and our now permanent change of attitude to the world around us brought about by Covid-19 requires that we pay much more attention to  our use of green spaces. Making these… Continue Reading →

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