Today,  7th August 2023 saw the start of the destruction of the Tufa Field.

Contractors engaged by Bath and North East Somerset Council once again used high power brush cutters and  industrial mowers to cut down the nettle beds, despite it being peak season for  Butterfly and Moth breeding. The destruction of the feeding and breeding grounds is heartbreaking in a time of national concern over butterfly numbers.


Picture of the destruction of the Butterfly Patch

The Butterfly Patch after machine cutting. 7/8/23

Picture of nettle patch at the Tufa Field

The Nettle Patch in Summer



Picture of a destroyed field ant hill

A destroyed field ant hill


Picture of the main Tufa Field with swathe cut

Swathe cutting


Picture of the Ecologists employed to oversee the work

These are the ecologists overseeing the work

Picture of tree surgeons logo

The tree surgeons carrying out the work

This is in preparation for a £320,000  geology investigation starting this week. This will involve drilling and digging, work apparently brought forward from November. This would have been much less destructive if carried out then ,  as previously indicated to local residents. This would have been the Field’s dormant time.