The Tufa Field is served by the road called Englishcombe Lane in Bath.

Residents have long been concerned that any development of the Tufa Field for housing would lead to a decrease in safety for children attending the local Moorlands schools, since the only potential vehicle entrance to the field is a narrow track that leads out onto this busy road. .

Englishcombe Lane has long been a concern for both traffic density and speeding, having long straight sections that invite high speeds for some.

While the road has an official speed limit of 20 mph, and occasional traffic calming speed bumps, anecdotal evidence suggested that traffic speeds and volumes were much higher than any planning considerations have recognised.

So in June 2021 we carried out our own survey.

The full report report is  Traffic Survey in Englishcombe Lane, but the summary is :

there are approximately 5000 vehicle movements per day across the potential Tufa Field entrance.
over 70 % of all traffic travels above the speed limit
the median speed for traffic is 28mph
there is at least one vehicle every in every 30 minute daytime period that exceeds 35mph
maximum speeds recorded are at least 45 mph

picture showing car at 44mph

A speeder captured

The report is not definitive, but illustrates the need to carry out a comprehensive traffic survey, and improve traffic calming measures as part of any new planning process. It has been passed to the Council for comment.