The crass killing of Slow Worms and an unknown number of amphibians and small mammals in the Tufa Field last month has rightly led to local and national outrage and a police investigation.

No doubt at some time, the hapless contractor will make a statement of contrition, and the Council will condemn the actions as ‘unacceptable’. And then move on.

We live in times when ‘Sorry’ has just become an excuse to mitigate entirely forseeable consequences. Usually coupled with ‘Lessons will be Learnt’, the corporate apology lacks conviction, dismantles trust and in the end changes nothing.

We should never forget who are the Employers and who the Employed here. Every member of the Local Authority from Council Leader and Chief Executive up to the Council workers who clean our streets and clear our snow are working for us, the Council and Income Tax payers of Bath and North-East Somerset.

Sorry is not good enough, promises are not good enough, don’t apologise, just do what you are paid to do.