Following the slaughter of the Tufa Field Slow Worms by the Council’s contractor last year, we are anxiously awaiting to see if any survived in the field.

We at least know that some survived in adjacent gardens, here is a picture taken in a greenhouse!

Slow Worms start to emerge from hibernation about now, but unlike most other lizards they don’t bask in the open.

Slow worms prefer to get the warmth they need from decomposing vegetable litter, such as old wood and even our compost heaps, so leaving piles of leaves and dead wood undisturbed is vital to preserve them.

Aside from the direct effects of the killing, the destruction of their preferred nesting and hiding grounds has put their continued existence in the Tufa Field in grave doubt.

April and May are their breeding time, so the field needs to remain undisturbed.

We will continue to monitor. The next few weeks are crucial, we will keep you posted.