Following the recent accident, there was a report on the Bath LIve website, which then spawned a further news piece and wider comment.

This week, commencing the 21st August should see the restart of the work following removal of the forklift truck. This post will be updated as and when.

Monday,  21st August 2023: Work has started on drilling boreholes. It is reported that the trackway that was the cause of the accident, will not now be used following a ‘re-evaluation by the on-site ecologist’ and will be removed on Wednesday. Since the sensitive Butterfly Patch was destroyed only to allow the storage of these plates, it renders the destruction as pointless and unnecessary as it seemed at the time.

Picture of drilling rig at the Tufa Field

Tuesday, 22nd August 2023 : The first borehole appears to be complete and the drilling rig has been moved to the next site. It seems to take one day per hole, so they might be here a long time…

Wednesday 23rd August 2023 : No activity

Thursday 24th August 2023: The redundant trackway is being collected.

It turns out that , if you use the proper equipment, with good preparation and careful supervision, the job can be done easily, safely and quickly.

Friday 25th August 2023: No activity