Storm Bella brought a significant amount of rain to the Tufa Field and surrounds at a time when the ground is already saturated.

As shown in our Geology page, we can think of the ground beneath this area as a large water reservoir. At some point, this water starts to leak out, and issue as springs in the hillside. Directly below the Tufa Field is the Moorfields Park and Moorlands School. It is here that some of the springs emerge and one of our supporters took these pictures showing the result.

Just walked past Moorlands School (path runs down the side of the school from Baskervilles) and could hear running water.  Drain not coping and water created a stream into back of school. Water just pooling…Pictures aren’t great but enlarge the last one to see volume of water running off! wonder if this is an example of what we could expect to see more of if the Council develop the Tufa Field?


Water cascading in Moorlands School Grounds

Water in Moorlands School

A spring at Moorlands School