Without water, there would be no Tufa. Water, it’s sources, chemistry and geology is the key element to this unique and special site.

In particular, the chemistry of the water, containing dissolved oolitic limestone, and the geology of the field with its water-reservoir capability are together what defines the site. and of course the whole City of Aquae Sulis is built on water.

No-one is quite sure where the source of the hot springs is, only that today’s water emerging from them has not seen the light of day for 10,000 years. It is quite likely that there are a number of sources, including the seepage down through fractures in the rock from the southern hills of the City and beyond, including the Tufa Field.

So in a way the waters we see on the surface of the field today, may well disappear and not be seen for another 10,000 years. Or they may just pop out lower down the hill.!

It is difficult to describe the way water moves into and out of the field, so we hope this video helps to explain it. (Warning: Large File!)