Frog Spawn in a Pond

With the sudden increase in temperature, look out for frogs spawning in still water. This also heralds the start of the migration of amphibians from the Tufa Field as they end their hibernation and seek out water to breed in.  On still nights, you will hear frogs mating calls for the next few weeks.

If you have a pond (and why wouldn’t you?) watch out for newts and toads also spawning. These amphibians spend most of their lives out of water, and the Tufa Field is an important living and hunting ground. We also need to document the types you see so please let us know if you have amphibians in your pond, and send pictures!

Incidentally, if you don’t have a pond in your garden yet, please consider one. They don’t have to be large, or expensive, a simple tub set into the ground or a small rigid liner need only be about 2-3  feet across and some simple water plants, even a dwarf water lily can be great for wildlife. You’ll see mayflies, and damsel flies, skaters and eventually newts and frogs.  If you can, add a beach for small birds to drink and bathe. For ideas and details, please see here.